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[ kink wishlist ]

✔ Brother/sister incest (this would probably have to be handwaved, since the characters I play don't have sibling that are played except for a few)
✔ Size difference or big guy, little girl. Bonus points if the girl is the dominant one.
✔ Daddy/girl
✔ Make-up sex
✔ Relationships that are fucked up but irresistible to both parties
✔ Loving piercing aka a consensual showing of ownership or belonging to each other
✔ Innocent characters in slutty clothing
✔ Corruption of innocent characters/slutification
✔ Characters acting slutty in general
✔ Spanking
✔ Two young kids in ~love~ losing their virginities to each other
✔ A girl pegging the guy she loves with all sorts of romance and shit
✔ Sailor uniforms/school uniforms
✔ Hair brushing, playing with hair, then fucking
✔ A couple making a baby, possibly pregnancy plot?
✔ Pregnant sex
✔ Chubby girl and fit guy
✔ Roleplay within roleplay
✔ Mutual possession
✔ Kept women/kept men
✔ Sexual frustration
✔ Fucked silly/exhaustion
✔ Desperation
✔ Trying to keep quiet
✔ Sexual addiction
✔ Cumming outside of or on someone
✔ Loving, consensual couples having fluffy sex because I'm a sick fuck tbh
✔ Teaching someone how to improve their sexual technique
✔ Sex in public, with one of the people intent on showing off their partner's body
✔ Humanoid creatures/mutants/aliens with humans, but in the context of them being a couple who has to overcome their physical differences, with lots of awkward and angst.

✩ I play mostly female characters.
✩ I prefer F/M.
✩ I have no medium biases. Anime, live action, comics, animation, I'll take everything.